Lawyer TV Commercials & Web Videos

Green Screen Approach

Subject filmed in front of a green screen and both visual and audio background components are added during the post-production process.

This approach delivers the control and convenience of the studio as well as the ability to set the scene in a variety of locations through video or graphic background plates.

Humorous Approach

A lighter approach to caricature insurance adjusters who's allegiance is to the corporation rather than to the victim.  

Pure Testimonial Approach

This is very effective in that the impact on victims and victim families demonstrates the impact an irresponsible or negligent act can have on the innocent as well as how they are deserving of being made whole as much as possible via some type of compensation.

Traditional Lawyer On Camera

Gives visibility to the attorney and enables viewers to meet the person who will fight for their rights against insurance companies.  Especially effective for groups where each attorney delivers a message demonstrating strength in numbers and resources.

Contemporary Multiple Lawyers On Camera

Multiple attorneys in the same commercial allows the message to be delivered by a team, demonstrating a team approach to effective representation against insurance companies and opposing forces.

Professional Spokesperson On Camera

For a very slick polished look and a professional delivery of the message, a professional spokesperson is very effective.  Combine that professional with some great effective copy and our teleprompter system and additional footage and graphics and a high-performing promotional commercial will be the end result.