Your Off-Site/In-House Corporate Video Production Department

Have you ever wished you had a video department at your company? A high-quality cutting edge department staffed with highly experienced professionals who specialized in telling your story, covering key events, producing content for your website, trade show booth, marketing, corporate communications and human resources department? Frustrated with the methodical and uninspiring work of an in-house “Media Person” or out-of-his/her league I.T. person who knows the equipment but lacks storytelling ability?

We Hear You LOUD and CLEAR.

That’s why we are offering a service we call “Your Off-Site/In-House Video Production Department”. Here’s how it works. In return for a monthly retainer that represents a fraction of the cost of putting a company like MEGCOMM to work for you on a per-project basis, we produce anything you need produced!

  • Is your biggest distributor coming into town and you want to document the visit to build excitement across your distribution network? We’re there!
  • Need a new video for your trade show booth? We’ll tell your story!
  • Need to record speeches at a conference in Chicago or Las Vegas for those who cannot attend? We’ve got you covered.
  • How about a new orientation video for HR to get new hires or contractors up to speed on policies and practices? We’ve been doing that for 25 years.

When you enter our “Off-Site/In-House Video Production Department” program you have a network of qualified and highly experienced videographers available coast-to-coast. They’re all pre-qualified by MEGCOMM and in many cases have been trusted colleagues for years.

If you’re in Allentown Pennsylvania have a customer testimonial you’d like to shoot in Atlanta, we dispatch our regional production crew to the desired location and actually conduct the interview using Apple Computer’s “FaceTime™” from our Northeastern PA studio.

This puts a producer with 25 years experience in the interviewer chair next to the lens without spending a dime in travel expenses. Post-production & editing happens back here at our NEPA base when the footage arrives via DropBox or Fedex. This assures you’re getting great content shot by a production team thats been thoroughly vetted and well known to “Your Off-Site/In-House Video Production Department” team at MEGCOMM.

We work with corporate communications, human resources, sales & marketing, and safety & security departments. We have a project development and scriptwriting team that can take your bullet list of features, advantages and benefits and other story elements and create scripts that grab attention, develop interest and compel viewers to act.

“Your Off-Site/In-House Video Production Department” is the brainchild of MEGCOMM founder and producer Mike Gorga, a 25 year film and video professional with local, regional, national and international experience.

Don’t burden your I.T. department by giving them a camera and expecting them to be effective storytellers simply because they can learn to operate the equipment and know computers. Video Production is about telling stories that illicit an emotional response and compel viewers to act, whether they are employees or customers.

Contact MEGCOMM today for a free consultation and your company can have it’s own “Off-Site/In-House Video Production Department” equipped with the latest digital cinema equipment, 2 HD editing suites, a 30×30 studio, grip truck and a production team with 25 years of experience.