Creative Storytelling & Script

At MEGCOMM we work with clients to develop creative concepts and write scripts that promote the benefits your organization offers in a powerful and dramatic fashion. With over 50 years in combined scriptwriting experience, including four Fortune 500 companies, we create scripts which gain and retain viewer attention by telling your story in a compelling fashion. Creative that speaks to your very specific audience, evoking excitement and conviction ultimately delivering a return on investment.

Location/Studio Video Production

Telling your story requires great pictures and sound. At MEGCOMM we shoot both on-location and in the controlled setting of our 30x30 studio. We offer 1080p high-definition camera packages and have a complement of support gear including a jib-arm, track & neumatic dolly sliders, a large quantity of lighting instruments and a 12x20 green screen set-up for CGI work.

Digital HD Post-Production/Editing

Editing is storytelling. The editing room is where great images and clean pro sound are brought together to tell your story. At MEGCOMM we have two digital editing rooms equipped with the latest from Adobe, Apple and Avid. In addition, color correction, sound design, announce booth and full compliment of text and graphics tools are onboard and ready to contribute to storytelling.

Motion Graphics/CGI

There's nothing like the sizzle of a snappy motion graphics open to gain your audience attention, help explain technical information, composite green screen talent with artificial environments and other movie magic. We've got it all!

Additional Services

MEGCOMM offers many additional related services including, DVD authoring & replication, BluRay delivery, Server-Based Digital Delivery to TV stations, and a host of other media related services.