Non-Profit Videos

Client: United Way of Wilkes-Barre/MLB Advertising

2014 Campaign Video, shot and edited in collaboration with MLB producer A.J. Zambetti. The video profiles three people who’s lives have been enhanced because the United Way was there to help them at their time of need.  These are success stories.  Stories of ordinary people with challenges who just needed a little boost up to get their own footing and thrive.

Video footage was shot in and around Wilkes-Barre PA with voice overs recorded in MEGCOMM Film’s Wilkes-Barre-based studio.  The project was edited in the company’s EDIT A, a full featured HD digital non-linear editing room, where titles, graphics and music were incorporated.

The video was used to promote the organization’s 2014 fundraising campaign, which was a huge success.

Client: The Luzerne Foundation

MEGCOMM was chosen by The Luzerne Foundation, the Luzerne County-based ” a community foundation and non-proft, philanthropic leader and financial steward, to produce a documentary profiling their efforts to help communities in the region.   The Foundation supports donors with their charitable giving, helping them invest strategically in causes important to them and in ways that make a difference to the community.

The video was shot on locations throughout Luzerne County as well as in MEGCOMM Film’s 30×30 studio.  All editing and post-production was accomplished in the firm’s HD digital editing room where effects, music and titles were added.

Client: Children’s Service Center/MLB Advertising

MLB Advertising selected MEGCOMM to collaborate on production of a fundrasing video designed to both increase donations and demonstrate the many contributions the center delivers to children and families in Luzerne and Wyoming Counties.

Interviews with staffers and board members were conducted by MLB producer John Bartorillo with MEGCOMM’s Mike Gorga, Tom Mooney and Joe D’Angelo executing as the production team.  Interview footage was cut to tell the story and B-roll shots of the operations combined with graphic components and music to create an engaging and informative video production for this non-profit organization.

Client: Allied Integrated Services/MLB Advertising

Allied and MLB Advertising turned to MEGCOMM Films to produce a profile video for the leading non-profit rehabilitation institution.  The video profiles individuals who’s lives have been impacted by injuries and illnesses and how they were brought “Back to the Life they Love” through their experiences with Allied.  MLB Advertising’s John Bartorillo was producer, MEGCOMM owner Mike Gorga served as director of photography/camera operator and editor, with Tom Mooney operating sound and Joe D’Angelo as grip.  Gorga lensed the interviews while Mooney took over the camera for B-roll acquisition.  The video was edited at MEGCOMM in Wilkes-Barre in the company’s Edit A, a state-of-the-art high-definition post-production environment.

In addition to this non-profit video, MEGCOMM has produced 25 patient profiles in the form of 30 and 60 second TV commercials and 2-3 minute web videos that can be viewed at